New Study Finds Huge Percentage Of ‘Secret Trump Supporters’ Make Presidential Polls Useless

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A recent study by the firm CloudResearch in New York focused on voters who feel social pressure not to admit their support for the president. 11.7% said they would not report their true feelings to pollsters.

LifeZette decided to delve further into the issue and spoke to two noted leaders who are Republicans. One, Stacy Shea, is an ace South Carolina political operative. The other, who prefers anonymity, is a former GOP operative and current public sector executive in a Mid-Atlantic state. Both not only agreed with the general analysis of “shy” Trump voters undercounted by pollsters, but specified they thought the phenomenon more prominent, also in the social sense, amongst women.

Stacy Shea: “Even in deep red states like South Carolina, people who plan to vote for the president are concerned that their support of him may invite scorn and other unpleasant repercussions. They don’t want the conflict over politics so they’re not being open about how they plan to vote in November. At a recent social gathering completely unrelated to politics, I overheard two ladies talking about the upcoming election and saying anyone who votes for Trump is insane and only showing their lack of intelligence. Right about that time they looked over at me and I smiled back at them. Silenced.

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