‘Death To America!’ – ANTIFA Terrorists Chant Iranian Slogan, Clash With Police

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BLM/Antifa were out in several cities causing trouble last night.

As we earlier reported, they attacked Trump supporters in Portland. One also point blank shot a Trump supporter in the street.

But they were also active in Washington, D.C. threatening police there and in Oakland, California.

In Oakland, they threw projectiles at the police and shone powerful green lasers at the police. These lasers have caused damage to sight in officers in Portland where they were constantly used.

It looks like they marched into a residential area and there they took on the cops.

But this was only the latest action there.

They also wreaked havoc there on Wednesday, in an incident that got very little national coverage.

During that incident they also threatened the country, chanting, “Death to America!” The video was only posted today, so many have identified it as from Saturday. But it’s actually from Wednesday. However, the chant was reportedly also made on Saturday.

The chant of terrorists and places like Iran. Now, in Oakland.

It was also chanted in Kenosha, as we previously reported.

This who they are, can we start classifying the folks who do this stuff as terrorists yet?

Via RedState

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