In Hopes To Avoid HUMILIATING FAILURE, Nancy Pelosi BEGS Joe Biden Not To Participate In ANY Debates!

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A very panicked Nancy Pelosi just advised Joe Biden via the press that she doesn’t think he should do any debates with Trump at all. None.


Pelosi couches her reasoning in what she says was ‘disgraceful’ behavior by Trump in 2016, where she said he was ‘stalking’ Hillary Clinton or something, and adds that she thinks he will act in a way that’s beneath the dignity of the presidency of the United States.

Well there you have it folks. Nancy Pelosi just admitted she has zero confidence in Joe Biden’s ability to debate Trump and spent over 2 minutes making arguments to convince Joe Biden not to debate Trump. Amazing!

I watched the full clip of this and let me tell you that nobody asked Pelosi about the debates. A reporter asked about the election more generally, but never mentioned the debates. Pelosi is the one who brought up the debates and that should tell you everything about panicked Democrats are right now. They know the momentum is swinging in Trump’s direction with the nightly riots in Democrat cities and are now trying to keep Joe Biden off the stage so that he doesn’t embarrass himself and make it even worse.

I told you the other day that I thought Biden would likely come down with a mild case of ‘coronavirus’ to keep from having to participate in the debates. Well here it is, except in this case it’s the Pelosivirus that’s stalking him now! But hey, I hope he does bow out of the debates for every reason Pelosi just listed. And then watch Trump SCORCH him as a coward and a fool for letting Nancy Pelosi talk him out of debating.


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