WATCH: Kenosha Rioters Knock Police Officer UNCONSCIOUS With Brick, Laugh As Others Try To Save Him

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A police officer was knocked unconscious after a brick was thrown at his head by a violent protester and the mob surrounded and mocked him as other officers tried to assist.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who recently testified in front of the U.S. Senate on antifa, posted a video on Twitter of the alleged incident.

In the video, law enforcement officials standing near the front of the car begin moving toward the rear of the car when an object hit one of the officers and appeared to knock him out, causing him to instantly hit the ground.

Someone yelling in the background said, “he just got bricked.”


“Shouts of ‘Officer down!’ were heard on the police scanner,” The Journal Times reported. “Hundreds of demonstrators have taken to the streets in what some are calling riots in Kenosha. Rocks and bricks have been thrown, and at least one molotov cocktail being thrown has been reported, as is property damage. One police vehicle was reportedly ‘stomped’ and then later towed away. Scanner reports also indicate that an armored Bearcat vehicle was damaged by protesters.”

This comes as violent riots broke out across the city of Kenosha.

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