MSM Tries To Cover-Up Story After Man Pulls Gun On Pro-Life Group Outside Planned Parenthood

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The mainstream media did their damnedest to spin headlines after a man pulled a gun on a Pro-Life group outside a Planned Parenthood.

Jerome Aniska, 31, was arrested Friday after allegedly approaching a group of pro-life activists demonstrating outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, starting an argument with them, and then pulling out a firearm and threatening the group with harm, police said.

After the threats, the pro-life demonstrators called the Dover police.

WMDT reports:

Police said they responded to the parking lot of Planned Parenthood after receiving calls from a group of pro-life demonstrators that a man, later identified as, 31-year-old, Jerome Aniska, pulled a handgun on the group.

Police said Aniska went on the public sidewalk and started an argument with the group, he then pulled out a black handgun and made a threatening statement to them.

Police said they located the empty holster in the center console of the car and found a black 9mm handgun in the trunk of the car.

Curiously, the widely used news wire the Associated Press gave the story a headline reading, “Delaware police arrest man with gun at Planned Parenthood,” omitting the crucial fact that a man had approached and threatened peaceful pro-life protesters with a gun and possibly even implying that someone had threatened people at the abortion clinic with a gun.

The story was then republished with the same headline to many influential outlets.

Aniska was released on $26,000 unsecured bond, and faces charges including aggravated menacing, terroristic threatening, and possession of a firearm during commission of felony.

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