St. Pete Gets It Right! Charge BLM ‘Protester’ With Terroristic Activity

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One of the reasons that Portland and Seattle have so gotten out of hand is that the local Democrats running the show aren’t willing to hold the radical leftist rioters there fully accountable for their actions. While they have arrested some, many have caused trouble repeatedly without consequence as the rioters have tried to burn down police buildings and attacked dozens of police and other citizens.

But the actions are clearly terrorist activity – violence and intimidation for a political purpose. Can there be a more accurate description?

There’s been a lot of terrorist activity going on in Portland that hasn’t been charged as such.

But just to show you the difference in how BLM/Antifa crimes are treated, there has been a BLM ‘protester’ charged with terrorist activity in Florida.

26 year old Abraham Quraishi was arrested for inciting a riot and resisting arrest in June after he threw ammunition at the police. Police allegedly discovered he was carrying a loaded gun without a permit.

He drove a car to the protest and parked it outside police headquarters. Police later discovered a Molotov cocktail inside the car.

“If the defendant was not arrested, there is reason to believe the defendant was going to discharge the device,” an arrest report states.

The police said they also found multiple threatening videos on his phone posing outside the St. Pete Police Department.

One video, according to court documents, shows Quraishi outside the St. Pete Police Department with his rifle, captioned “stay home.”

Another allegedly shows Quraishi holding a firearm passing by the old St. Pete Police building with the caption “thinking about.”

A third video shows Quraishi driving by the new St. Pete Pier with the caption “pigs guarding the pier I ran a few nights ago.” The video allegedly then shows Quraishi panning the camera to a Molotov cocktail and a rifle.

A report also stated that these videos depict “apparent reconnaissance from high vantage points of SPPD and other critical infrastructure.”

Quraishi had a roommate, Seanfrancis Ziegenbein, 23, was also charged with making or discharging a destructive device after allegedly setting off a Molotov cocktail in a St. Pete parking lot.

Basic difference? St. Pete is not a wasteland controlled by Antifa. Sanity actually prevails and they call terrorism terrorism when they think they see it. If in fact he was plotting to take out cops for political reasons, then there really isn’t anything else to call it.

Via RedState

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