Chris Christie Skewers John Kasich – “He’s A Backstabber!”

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Last night on ABC News, Chris Christie brutalized John Kasich for endorsing Joe Biden in a clip that you are sure to enjoy:

Christie was asked about a couple of Republican women who endorsed Biden after endorsing Hillary in 2016, but then he changed the topic to John Kasich and unleashed on him:

And John Kasich, just to show you where his standing is in the Republican Party, when he was the only Republican governor left on the stage in 2016 – Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich, the three candidates left – do you know how many Republican governors, his sitting colleagues at the time endorsed John Kasich? Zero.

And the reason they didn’t endorse him is because he’s a backstabber and he’s an untruthful guy. And so tonight Republicans are going to look at that and go ‘You can have him. Please believe me. Give us a break and get him out of our party. You take him for a little while.”

On top of all that I’ve worked with John a lot and he’s exhausting. Joe Biden’s going to be getting calls from John Kasich; he’s going to want to change his phone number.

There’s not a lot from the coverage of the DNC that I would enjoy, but that was very satisfying and Kasich absolutely deserves it.

Someone needs to create a t-shirt with Joe Biden and John Kasich’s photo on it and the tagline “you can have him” underneath it. I’d buy that.


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