WATCH: Seattle Liberals Are FLOCKING To Trump Due To Riots And Rising Crime — ‘We WANT Law And Order!’

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The tide is definitely turning and people are waking up.

The Democrats started the “summer of riots” with a different outcome in mind.

What they expected to happen was that the American people would rally around Black Lives Matter (BLM) and turn on President Donald Trump.

But, once again, the Left miscalculated.

Yes, Americans were outraged that George Floyd died. It was terrible… I still can’t watch that video. Nobody should be treated that way.

However, there is no proof that Floyd’s death was “racial,” and even so, we have a system of justice and processes that need to play out.

There is a lot of really bad stuff that happens in this country every day to a slew of people—we can’t lose our marbles and burn the country down when we’re angry. That’s no way to handle anything…but the Democrats didn’t see it that way, and they doubled down on the destruction, calling the rioters “peaceful,” while day after day we all watched one violent grisly video after another.

Needless to say, their plan has backfired, and now Seattle liberals —where violence is still raging— want President Trump.

If the Democrats wanted to make a whole new batch of Trump supporters, they sure did a bang-up job.

There’s nothing that Americans dislike more than feeling unsafe in their homes or their cities.

While Democrat officials sat back, did nothing, and allowed their cities to descend into chaos while national Democrats condemned Trump, he called for law and order and even sent the feds in to help.

The lines have been clearly drawn—Trump is the law and order president, and the Democrats are the chaos party.

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