WATCH: Portland Officially A Warzone, Police Clash With Antifa Terrorists In FULL-ON STREET BATTLES!

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“This is the wildest protest video I’ve seen in 80 days,” said one Twitter user. It’s hard to argue after watching the dramatic scene as Portland cops leap over and smash into a “shield wall” of rioters.

Wielding batons, the cops charged the wall, going to battle in what a lot of people said “looks like a scene straight out of a movie.”

First, let’s remember who the bad guys are. The police report that last night “some of the crowd chants included, ‘kill a cop, save a life’, ‘What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now! If we don’t get it, burn it down!’”

Police officers reported “members of the crowd were launching mortars at the police and cars,” as well as “thrown objects.”

Attacking police and federal buildings as well as private citizens. It’s not a protest. It’s not even a riot. It’s a war. And here’s some amazing video of some of those criminals getting what’s coming to them.

The internet reacted accordingly. Warning: some language here.


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