Trump Saw It Coming, Unveils Special Nickname For Joe Biden’s VP Pick!

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The Trump campaign has unveiled the president’s insulting nickname for Kamala Harris, the vice presidential pick for Democratic nominee Joe Biden: “Phony Kamala.”

In a statement, penned by President Donald Trump’s senior campaign advisor Katrina Pierson, narrowed in on Harris’ history as a prosecutor, claiming that she will try to conceal her career in order to win over progressive voters.

The statement also begins by claiming that Harris called Biden a racist, as an attempt to solidify her as a”phony.” She, in fact, never called the Democratic nominee a racist, though the pair had contentious debate exchanges during the 2020 Democratic primaries.

“Clearly, Phony Kamala will abandon her own morals, as well as try to bury her record as a prosecutor, in order to appease the anti-police extremists controlling the Democrat Party,” the statement reads. “She is proof that Joe Biden is an empty shell being filled with extreme agenda of the radicals on the left.”

The Hill’s Joe Concha took to Twitter to share the statement, along with Trump’s latest nickname:

It goes on to claim neither Biden nor Harris are moderate candidates, pushing the idea that Biden is “surrendering control of our nation to the radical mob.”

Via Mediaite

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