WATCH: President Trump Posts DAMNING New Attack Ad Exposing ‘Obamagate’

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President Trump just released an epic new ad on Obamagate:

It starts by showing how Democrats were absolutely sure that Hillary would win. After she lost, the so-called ‘peaceful transfer’ of power, which both Hillary and Obama touted, began – at least in front of the cameras. They show two-face Obama saying he wanted to do everything to help Trump succeed during this transition so that the country would succeed.

The ad then shows what we all know really happened, the all out attack on the incoming Trump administration from officials in the Obama administration. Political spying, as Andrea Mitchell says in the ad.

The ad also shows Biden claiming to know nothing about it, then Dana Perino pointing out that Biden’s name was on the list of people who unmasked General Flynn’s name.

The ad is very well done and I hope the Trump campaign intends to air it nationally. Watch the ad for much more…

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