WATCH: Riots No Longer About Police ‘Brutality’ – Liberals BURN BIBLES And Vow To Destroy America

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Videos are still pouring out of Portland and Seattle where the riots continue with no major effort by the mayors or the governor to stop them. There has been a slight increase in the ability of cops to do their job, after President Trump set a timetable for the National Guard to come in and take care of business, but it isn’t even close to enough.

And what are the riots about? Why are they doing it? There are a lot of answers, but sometimes you just need to let them tell you what they’re about by their own actions. So watch this video of them burning a stack of Bibles.

Hey remember when the media and the left figured that just drawing a picture of Mohammad meant you basically deserve to get beheaded by terrorists? That you had it coming?

Guess Bibles aren’t as sacred to the left. I’m shocked. Are you shocked? Shocked, y’all.

Exit tweet:

Think she’ll reply? NAH.


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