WATCH: Black Men Confront BLM, Antifa In Seattle — Chant ‘ALL Lives Matter! F**k Black Lives Matter!’

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A pair of black men stood up to the radical protesters terrorizing their city.

A black man in Seattle caught on camera shouting “All Lives Matter!” at the Antifa anarchists gathered to start another fight with the police.

Apparently, many people have already had enough of Black Lives Matter movement, and some of them can be met even among the black people. The example of that was filmed by journalist Katie Daviscourt.

The video shows a black man starts kicking the trash containers aligned as barricades to black the street and screaming at the rioters what he is actually thinking about their movement.  

“All Lives Matter! All Lives Matter!” the black man chanted as he booted container after container, dismantling the barrier. “All Lives Matter!”

Three white people rushed to him messing with their trash right in front of them. Other black people were trying to deescalate the situation but the man wasn’t even going to stop.

He then raised his hand in the air and kept on chanting “All Lives Matter” while a couple of BLM activists counter-chanted “Black Lives Matter.”

They didn’t expect to receive the following reply from the man.  

“F**k Black Lives Matter,” he said with his middle finger raised and walked away.

Later, a second black man, speaking through a megaphone, confronted the crowd and attempted to get them to clean up the mess they made. As white protesters fought him, he pointed out their overt racism towards him.

  • 743

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