Bill de Blasio Takes A Break From Destroying NYC To Paint Yet ANOTHER BLM Mural On The Streets

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Bill de Blasio, the ineffectual and spineless mayor of New York City, has taken more time out from doing absolutely nothing to combat the skyrocketing crime in his city to help paint yet another meaningless Black Lives Matter mural on the streets.

de Blasio was certainly trolling the president when he pitched in to paint Black Lives Matter in huge yellow letters on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower, but that was the second mural in the city; the first one was painted on Fulton Street in Brooklyn, and de Blasio declared that the block would become pedestrian-only for the summer, apparently to preserve the mural from tire tracks.

He’d also said that he was going to rename a street in each borough to honor Black Lives Matter, but we’re not sure how that project’s going.

Khristina Narizhnaya and Julia Marsh report:

Mayor Bill de Blasio rolled up his shirtsleeves to paint another Black Lives Matter mural on a city street Thursday, but offered no solutions to tackle rising crime as 10 more New Yorkers were shot in The Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn in just the last two days.

The mural painting was the only public event on Hizzoner’s public schedule Thursday aside from his daily press briefing where he failed to even mention the 10 people shot in eight incidents across the city Tuesday and Wednesday.

The mayor sure does love his murals.

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