WATCH: Nutbag Woman Yells ‘I Hope You Die!’ To TODDLERS Not Wearing Masks In Store

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A mask-clad, middle-aged nut-bag told a mother and her children “I hope you all die” for failing to wear a face mask at a supermarket in a shocking exchange recorded by another shopper and posted to social media.

The footage begins in the middle of a heated conversation as a mother debates a face mask aficionada. The unmasked mother repeated that her children were not supposed to wear masks due to their age, to which the pro-mask woman replied, “that’s not true.”

The mother continued attempting to explain the local mask requirements to the complaining older woman, and citing local ordinances, pointed out that children under the age of 10 are not supposed to wear the protective gear. The middle-aged woman slams the mother’s reasoning as “ridiculous.”

It is unclear where the event took place, however, it is a common practice throughout the country to lessen face mask requirements for young children, with children younger than 10 usually not required to wear masks at all, both due to science showing almost no cases of a child transmitting COVID-19 to an adult, and because it is difficult young children understand how to wear a mask properly.

As the older woman apparently realized she was unable to convince the mother to mask her children, began to leave the conversation, she stopped speaking to the mother and instead looked down toward her young children and said “I hope you all die.”

The mother responded with a sarcastic, “You take care of yourself. Bye.”

“I hope you all die,” the middle-aged woman repeated. “You’re going to kill me–”

“That’s such a great thing to say to somebody,” the mother snapped.

The middle-aged woman failed to garner much sympathy on social media after her actions.

“She has an ‘amygdala response’. The woman is filled with fear, she is in a fight or flight mode. The sad thing is that with those fear levels her immune system is more depressed and she is more vulnerable to being infected. Her fear will cause her to die, not the family,” one person commented.

Another person tweeted, “I don’t get these people. If you are worried about them having the virus, why would you engage and get in their space? Wouldn’t you avoid them “like the plague”?”

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