Nasty Nancy Falls Flat On Her Face Attempting To Walk Back Nazi ‘Stormtrooper’ Comment

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Nancy Pelosi sucked on her teeth repeatedly (seriously, why is she always doing that?) and attempted to walk back her recent “stormtrooper” comments. My colleague Nick Arama covered the original story when it happened a few weeks ago. Essentially, she accused marked CBP agents who were arresting people for trying to burn down a federal building of being nazis.

Here are the tweets.

Before we get to her excuse-making, notice how unambiguous her language is. She quite literally calls them “unidentified stormtroopers.” She doesn’t say they acted like that or that they resembled that but weren’t really. She just plainly calls them nazis, which stormtroopers are.

Anyway, here’s her attempted walk-back, which comports with nothing she actually said.

Our media are such garbage that she managed to go almost two weeks without even having to address calling federal law enforcement nazis. Notice it was only brought up in the context of allowing her to bash Bill Barr as well. That’s a pretty big indictment against our “news” media, but I digress.

On Pelosi’s comments, you can also tell how seriously she regrets saying what she said. I mean, when you regret something, not apologizing for it and leaving the original comments up is how you show you shouldn’t have said it, right? This is all nonsense. Pelosi meant every word of what she said. She probably even got a little thrill out of announcing to the throngs of anarchists that anyone who attempts to hold them accountable is the equivalent to Hitler.

These Democrats are too far down the rabbit hole. I suspect they actually do get a high out of playing to these crowds of violent rioters. They also know they are beholden to the mob now. Pelosi can’t do anything but compare federal law enforcement to nazis now. That’s how far things have escalated. If she attempts to pull it back, she’ll face the path of the monster she helped create.

What this means is that none of this is going to end well. There is no coming awakening on the left where they realize how insane they are. They will simply keep doubling down. A few years ago, I might have laughed at the idea of a disintegration of American society. I mean, we’ve seen partisanship before, right? We’ve even fought a civil war. But what we are seeing today is next-level stuff, and unlike in previous instances of history, there is no cultural or national commonality anymore to hold things together. The gas pedal is on the floor and Democrats are not going to let up. I’m honestly fearful for the future of the country at this point.

Via RedState

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