Kentucky Couple Put On House Arrest With Ankle Bracelets Because They Tested Positive For Coronavirus

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A young couple in Kentucky, just south of Louisville, are serving house arrest and forced to wear ankle tracking bracelets simply for testing positive for the Coronavirus.

Elizabeth Linscott and her husband were told police will be called if they venture 200 feet from their home.

Welcome, y’all, to the new America, where authoritarianism reigns.

ABC7 reported:

A Kentucky couple is under house arrest after one of them tested positive for coronavirus and refused to sign self-quarantine papers.

Elizabeth Linscott got tested for COVID-19 because she was planning to go visit her parents.

“My grandparents wanted to see me, too, so, just to make sure that, you know, if I tested negative, that they would be okay, everything would be fine,” Linscott said.

After testing positive but without showing any symptoms, Linscott said the health department contacted her, requesting she sign documents.

“I agreed to comply to call the Health Department if I was to go. I was to call the Health Department if I was to leave my house for any reason,” she said.

But, she chose not to sign.

“I had gotten a message from them, a text message that stated, because of your refusal to sign, this is going to be escalated, and law enforcement will be involved,” she said.

Later that week, the county sheriff greeted Linscott’s husband, Isaiah, at their front door.

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