Conservative Leadership ABSOLUTLEY DESTROY Nancy Pelosi For Insulting Federal Agents And Supporting Domestic Terrorists!

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As we reported earlier, on Friday night, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) posted this attack on President Donald Trump and implicit defense of the Antifa violence now going on in Portland.

She regards federal officers who are protecting federal property as “stormtroopers” and says they’re just responding to “First Amendment speech” and “graffiti,” completely covering up the violence Antifa terrorists are committing, even calling them “protesters.”

There was so much violence Portland Police even put out a video about the first 40 days about ten days ago.

Nowhere do you see the slightest concern from Pelosi for the people and officers who have been attacked and harmed by the Antifa violence. It’s all about how she can use the federal response to try to attack the president.

Now Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and others are ripping her apart for it.

What a horrible thing to do to our law enforcement officers, but she doesn’t care, because it’s all about trying to attack the president, she doesn’t give a darn if she hurts anyone else or lies to the American people along the way.

Imagine if these people win and gain full power in November? This is what this is all about, there is no more critical election in our lifetime to prevent that.

Via RedState

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