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New York Times Posts ‘Mask Map’ Where People Aren’t Wearing Masks.. Accidentally PROVES Masks Don’t Stop COVID Spread

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The New York Times stepped in their own feces today after trying to shame parts of the country where mask wearing isn’t common.

They made a map ‘tattling’ on parts of the country where people aren’t as good about wearing a mask as opposed to other areas where people are. The funny thing is, the darkest pink areas (you know, where most people are wearing masks) appear to be hot spots for the virus.

Oh yes, it appears their little map backfired on them.

They also posted a chart listing 21 countries sorted by percentage of people who wear masks.

And, again, their chart shows no correlation at all with mask use vs infection rates in a country.

One user responded with a chart that showed countries with high mask usage are seeing huge spikes in infection while other countries with low infection rates aren’t wearing masks at all.

Of course we are waiting patiently for the Times to spin this one.

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