FACTS MATTER: Detroit Police Cam 100% Crushes BLM Narrative About Fatal Police Shooting Of Black Man

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This is a textbook example of how the mob can get a story completely wrong and make the worst assumptions based on what they want to believe and not on reality and the facts. It happened in Detroit. Protesters said cops were lying about the shooting of a black man and that they gunned him down without reason:

A shooting in a northwest Detroit neighborhood Friday afternoon touched off protests here, with hundreds of demonstrators gathering in an area near where police officers fatally shot a 20-year-old man during a daylight arrest on a neighborhood sidewalk.

Protest signs and megaphones dotted the group of people who came from other parts of the city, as residents faced off against officers, at times allegedly throwing rocks and bottles at police. Officers in riot gear arrived around 5 p.m., and bystanders said they fired tear gas canisters into the crowd to disperse the demonstrators. At least eight people were arrested, according to Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

Watch below:

THEN after a few days the cops released the body and dash cam video showing exactly what happened, and it absolutely 100% exonerates the police and their actions:

Aside from whatever minor technicalities some trained lawyer might find, to the common person this video has to be enough to swing the benefit of the doubt to the cops and away from the BLM narrative. And that’s being conservative, LOL, the video is rather conclusive, to be honest.


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