White BLM Activists (A.K.A. Democrats) BLASTED For Being The Real American Racists

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As the Black Lives Matter movement takes hold in mainstream culture, political tensions in the U.S. continue to worsen.

BLM activists insist that anyone opposed to them is racist and that all African-Americans are oppressed by deeply embedded systems of structural racism within the country.

But those activists offer no substantive proof to back up those claims, according to PragerU, a nonprofit organization that’s seeking to equip Americans with the truth about the BLM movement.

Founded by American radio host Dennis Prager, PragerU produces video content that educates viewers about conservative ideas and Judeo-Christian values.

PragerU influencer and conservative commentator Will Witt spoke with The Western Journal this week about the BLM movement, the lack of education surrounding many of its claims of systemic racism and the motivations of BLM activists.

Witt had previously spoken to a group of African-American kids only a few days before while filming a video for PragerU. They all seemed to be misinformed about the statistics regarding police encounters with members of the black community, he said.

“I asked them, how many unarmed black men do you think were killed last year? And one of the kids said, 1,500, and another one, I believe said close to 2,000. And then I asked them, how many white unarmed men? They said, maybe 10, zero, 15, something like that,” Witt told The Western Journal.

“And then I reveal to them, I said, ‘Only nine unarmed black men were killed last year by police.’ And they’re just like, ‘What? No way. That can’t be true.’ I say, ‘It’s true. Just look it up. The crime reports are right there for you to just Google search, takes 10 seconds and you will have the answer.’”

Witt went on to say that “of course” the BLM movement relies on this kind of “misinformation.”

The “mainstream media is working hand in hand with them. Hollywood’s working hand in hand to just make everyone post black squares and get all up in arms about this,” Witt explained.

“But they’re not focusing on the real issues that affect blacks in America today. They focus solely, it seems like, on the police brutality issue, which is definitely not the biggest issue facing the black community.”

PragerU has tried to educate viewers about what it believes are more substantive issues affecting the black community.


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