Sen. Grassley Gives Durham Strict Deadline For Indictments

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Senator Chuck Grassley knows what’s going on with the Durham probe. Believe me, he’s well in the loop… As a result, he’s now appealing to President Donald Trump and calling out Durham saying in no uncertain terms that he wants to see indictments before the 2020 election.

Here’s exactly what he said to President Trump: “IF NO PROSECUTIONS TIL AFTER ELECTIONS SAD SAD //just think Flynn Mueller Impeachment/ The deep state is so deep that ppl get away w political crimes/Durham should be producing some fruit of his labor”

The Chairmen of various Senate Committees have significant resources at their disposal on matters within the purview of their Committee.  They have almost unchecked power to issue subpoenas and conduct investigations.  They have very large committee staffs separate and distinct from their Senate Office Staffs.  The Senate Judiciary Committee is one such committee, and few Chairman have demonstrated the adroit ability to wield that power as effectively as Chuck Grassley did as Chairman — a feat made even more impressive by the fact that he’s not a lawyer.

But not being a lawyer has, in my opinion, finely tuned Sen. Grassley’s “BS Radar” when it comes to the kind of “hairsplitting” that is engaged in by the legal profession as an occupational necessity.  It also frees him to speak in more blunt “laymen’s” terms when discussing legal matters. – READ MORE

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