This EVIL Must END! Atlanta Protestors Shoot And Kill Little Girl…TRUMP SEND IN THE TROOPS!

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Ok, enough is enough.

This is about as evil as you can get and a horrible story to have to report.

According to police, 8 year old Secoriea Turner was riding in a car with her mom and an adult friend when car turned off the interstate near the Wendy’s in Atlanta where Rayshard Brooks was shot by the police. They were trying to enter a parking lot to turn around but were stopped by people who were illegally blocking the entrance.

Protesters had been illegally occupying the area since the killing of Brooks.

An armed group of black males surrounded the car. At some point in the interaction, someone in the group shot into the car, killing the little girl.

Police are now looking for two males: a man wearing all black and “dressed like a bounty hunter,” the other shooter was a man wearing a white T-shirt.


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