What A CLOWN! Adam Schiff ‘Jokes’ That Americans Should Just Move To Canada And Abandon Our Nation!

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For once, conservatives might want to believe Rep. Adam Schiff.

The notoriously deceptive California Democrat is best known for his ability to lie with a straight face — about “Russia collusion,” about the “whistleblower” who sparked the impeachment of President Donald Trump, and much, much more.

It’s safe to say that if Schiff announces what time it is, it’s a good idea to check a watch or smartphone, just to be sure.

But when the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee blurted out an apparent joke about moving to Canada on Monday, conservatives Americans might have just gotten their hopes up.

According to the Just The News website (founded by John Solomon, a former columnist for The Hill and current Fox News contributor), Schiff made the remark during an online forum on “Social Media Disinformation and Election Interference” that was organized by George Washington University.

In addition to Schiff and others, the forum included Dominic Leblanc, an adviser to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. As moderator Frank Sesno, director of GWU’s School of Media and Public Affairs, was preparing to question Leblanc, he segued into one more question for Schiff.

“Before we move to Canada,” he said. “At your hearing last week ….”

Schiff interrupted.

“We may all be moving to Canada soon,” he said, sparking a moment of laughter for Sesno.

(The C-SPAN video is here. The “Canada” quote comes about the 42:40 mark.)

It wasn’t clear who “we” might mean, but it’s a good guess Schiff was talking about his fellow Democratic Party members. Regardless, for Schiff critics who caught wind of it, the moment was less a joke than a dream come true:


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