BREAKING: Peter Strzok Reveals It Was BIDEN’S Decision To Take Out Flynn

More proof has come out today that the Obama Whitehouse ordered the FBI to try and get Flynn on the ‘Logan Act’, and it was Biden himself who suggested it:

Below are the attached documents that were recently revealed in court documents:

Note that Comey says Flynn’s phone calls Kislyak “appear legit”. It was Biden who raised the suggestion of using the Logan Act to go after Flynn.

Here’s the chicken scratch document from Strzok:

I know it’s hard to make out, but the 3rd line says “VP: “Logan Act””.

Remember, Biden has recently claimed that he knew nothing about this even though evidence showed that he had listened to Flynn’s calls:

It was his freaking idea! He’s lying and he knows it.

But as we all know, the media won’t give one flying flip about this because TRUMP MUST BE DEFEATED AT ALL COSTS!


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