Armed Citizens Unite To Protect Kentucky Monument

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Proclaiming themselves to be a “battle line,” a crowd gathered in Kentucky on Friday and Saturday to guard a monument to Confederate soldiers against potential attacks by Black Lives Matter protesters.

A statue to Confederate soldiers that was moved from the University of Louisville in 2017 stands in Brandenburg, Kentucky.

On Friday, the Meade County Sheriff’s Office used its Facebook page to alert residents of an impending protest.

“The Meade County Sheriff’s Office and the Brandenburg City Police Dept. are aware of the protest planned at the site of the civil war monument on Main St. in downtown Brandenburg.

“We have reached out to other law enforcement agencies for support. We have plans in place to accommodate the protestors in their right to peaceful protest as well as protecting the lives and property of our community and its citizens,” the post said.

“We ask that the citizens of our community continue their support for our community and local law enforcement by praying for a safe and peaceful demonstration at this event.

“We recognize and appreciate all citizens that want to exercise their constitutional rights. However, with that right comes great responsibility. Please help your law enforcement do their jobs as safely and efficiently as possible by demonstrating that responsibility.


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