California Is About To Go Up In Flames After Two Black Men Found Hanging From Trees In Public

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Not only is Atlanta blowing up over the black man shot and killed by police after he grabbed a cop’s taser and pointed it at him as he ran away, but California is about to go up in flames. Again.

So there are TWO incidents where a black man was found hung from a tree in two cities in the same region of California. Both are being preliminarily ruled as suicides by the police. But, some are wondering if something else is going on:

Robert Fuller was found dead on Wednesday morning, and police say he killed himself by hanging.

Then, just today, the Victorville police announced that they believe another black man killed himself two weeks ago when he was also found hanging by a tree.

The family was told on June 1st that the police believed it was a suicide, and they didn’t say anything to the media until the official announcement today. That doesn’t sound like they were seeking attention or wanted to blow up this tragic death.

Here’s more about that death:

An African-American man was found dead, hanging from a tree in Victorville, authorities say.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department says the body of Malcolm Harsch was discovered on May 31 near a homeless encampment.

Investigators say foul play is not suspected but that the cause and manner of death are under investigation.

ABC7 spoke with Harsch’s family members in Ohio who say they are waiting to hear the results of that investigation.

Here’s a news report about the death of Fuller in Palmdale:

I don’t like people jumping to conclusions in service to their political agendas – on either side. The BLM people are assuming that these were racial lynchings and that the cops are covering it up. But on the other hand, this does sound very suspicious and it’s not like people commit suicide in this manner often. Either way, it’s a terrible tragedy for the families. But if these were racially motivated murders, then it has horrendous consequences for California and the country.


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