WATCH: Miami PD Show Democrat Cities How Rioters SHOULD Be Handled, And It’s BEAUTIFUL To Watch!

Democrat run cities, take note. This is what the police are paid to do.

The Miami P.D. don’t play around, and if you’re looking for video of police officers taking a knee then you can stop right here. There will be no “CHAZ” in Miami.

We love the woman in front without her helmet off, baton out, not taking any sh*t from anyone.

They have got to be able to do their jobs or we’ll all end up looking like CHAZ and no thanks.

Because then they can claim ‘police brutality’ when the cops don’t allow them to destroy their vehicles or beat on them.

No more footage of kneeling cops, that had done so much damage.

Time for a little law and order, sorry not sorry.

What do you think?

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