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WATCH: BLM and Antifa Join Radical Islamists To Riot In Sweden — Police Attacked

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The peaceful riots, er “protests”, have spread across the globe. In Sweden, BLM and Antifa groups joined forces with radical Islamist groups to terrorize and destroy the city of Göteborg.

Like in the US the Black Lives Matter protests in Sweden turned into riots and looting led by leftists and youngsters from Sweden’s “no go zones”.

Emotions are running high in Sweden following’ yesterday’s widespread riots and looting surrounding Sweden’s third Black Lives Matter protest. The first two protests, previously organized in the capital city Stockholm and the infamous, third largest city, Malmö, were conducted without any larger disturbances.

However, the protest organized yesterday in the country’s second largest city, Göteborg, quickly got out of hand.

Along with the 3,000 protesters, made up mainly by ethnically Swedish liberals and a small number of left-wing militant Antifa members as well as Antifa-sympathizers, came several hundred teenagers and young adults from the city’s poorer suburbs, locally known as “No-Go-Zones”.

The protest organized in the central part of the city quickly descended into chaos as the migrant youth gangs started looting shopping malls and violently attacking the police as well as bystanders.

At one point, the mob entered a street where a moving truck, rented by a family about to move in, was parked. What happened next has been was caught on tape, as dozens of the predominately African crowd started looting the truck or simply just vandalizing the belongings of the family which had taken cover in their apartment during the riot.

Swedish internet users were particularly outraged as children’s toys could be seen among the moving boxes. The mother of the family, interviewed later by the local newspaper Göteborgs Posten, stated “I was carrying in boxes when I heard explosions in the area (fireworks) then some people came who told me to start running and to get inside my apartment”.

From her window, she witnessed what happened next. The mob destroyed most of what was inside the truck. She stated that her son’s drawings were spread all across the street when she returned down to the truck. Several windows in the area had also been smashed.

Later in the night, the unrest continued as the police reported that youth gangs were riding around on mopeds, setting cars ablaze at more than 10 different locations. In total 29 cars were torched during the night.

Jimmie Åkesson, party leader of Sweden’s second largest party, the anti-mass-immigration Sweden Democrats, later told the press that he is outraged by what happened. He underlined that the police must stop the Black Lives Matter demonstrations as it is not time for such large gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic (Sweden has in recent weeks had the highest death rate in Covid in the world).

He also stated that the people rioting and looting “are the same thugs that fight with our police officers in the suburbs (No-Go-Zones are usually not located in the inner city in Sweden but in social housing programmes in the suburbs).

The police in Malmö have announced that another BLM protest will receive a demonstration permit for Tuesday.  In spite of massive police brutality (brutally beating up police):

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