Abolishing Police Will Open The Door For Radicalized Liberal Terror Cells To Ravage America

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James O’Keefe is out with a new video that shows how one of his agents infiltrated an Antifa-ish militant group in Shelby, North Carolina:

The group is called Redneck revolt and they were among the groups at Charlotteville in 2017. The undercover journalist explains that they are the militia wing of Antifa, adding “they are Antifa in that they share the Antifa ideology.”

The undercover journalist also noted that this group sees themselves as armed revolutionaries and that they believe in the total abolition of everything, including police. She said that they believe the working class should control everything.

They also hate the NRA and believe they are a white supremacist group. Watch the video for more of her interactions with the group.

While we’re on the topic of Antifa, here’s a clip from Lara Logan that you might find interesting on how organized they are and how they stay one step ahead of police:


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