Liberal Minneapolis Mayor Gets Heckled And Humiliated By BLM!

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The liberal mayor of Minneapolis, Minnesota tried to be a poster boy for woke white liberals, and instead became the poster boy for what happens when you suck up to extremists.

Man, that’s like straight out of Game of Thrones right there!!

The BLM leader literally says that they don’t want any police in their community. That is just insane. And look, I know we’re all tempted to say well screw that community then. That is unfair to the reasonable, rational people in the same community who aren’t out protesting. They get their businesses burnt to the ground, they lose their jobs, and they are innocent of this lunacy. They just don’t get heard as much as this dimwitted loudmouths, because they don’t get the press coverage.

Anyway, don’t worry for the mayor, this should be enough to get him re-elected again:



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