Minneapolis Police Excite Liberals By Keeping Coronavirus Relevant/Linked To Floyd’s Death

An autopsy report has been released confirming George Floyd died from a heart attack which was complicated by “law enforcement subdual.”

The report, released by Hennepin County also adds Mr Floyd, 46, tested positive for coronavirus.

It says he died of “cardiopulmonary arrest complicated by law enforcement subdual” which means which the heart attack made the cop’s restraint more lethal.

The final diagnosis says: “46-year-old man who became unresponsive while being restrained by law enforcement officers; he received emergency medical care in the field and subsequently in the Hennepin HealthCare (HHC) EmergencyDepartment, but could not be resuscitated.”

This comes after an autopsy ordered by the family of George Floyd found he was killed by depriving the body of oxygen that was caused by “neck and back compression that led to a lack of blood flow to the brain”. – READ MORE

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