Of Course, CNN Wants Viewers To Believe Trump Has ‘Declared War On Americans’

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CNN’s Don Lemon literally claimed tonight that America is ‘teetering on a dictatorship’ and that Trump is ‘declaring war on Americans’:

Here’s more from Newsbusters:

CNN Tonight host Don Lemon continued to foment division and hatred Monday night for people who disagreed with him and CNN, declaring after President Trump’s address to the nation that America’s “teetering on a dictatorship” and “declaring war on Americans.”

As if to signal that he’s set on more violence, Lemon warned that Trump’s “playing a very, very dangerous game” as Americans “feel like they are occupied in their own communities by police departments.”

Lemon built up by complaining that the speech he’d spent days demanding Trump give was no more than “a made for television moment,” including Attorney General Bill Barr “survey[ing] the troops” before the speech “to create this moment for the cameras.”

After mocking his phone call with governors earlier in the day and Trump as “sacred,” Lemon let loose by demanding the country to “open your eyes” because “we are teetering on a dictatorship” and “chaos.”

“Has the President — I’m listening — is the President declaring war on Americans? What is happening here,” he added.

Lemon continued to rant that Trump was “playing a very, very dangerous game here” seeing as how “[t]here are a lot of Americans who are out on these streets who are upset, who are frustrated, who are angry.”

It’s amazing the lengths that media hotheads like Lemon will go in order to play down rioting and mayhem, suggesting that Trump is declaring war on peaceful protesters when that’s not even remotely close to the truth.

If all we had were peaceful protesters around the country, there’d be no need for the curfews and the massive law enforcement and National Guard presence everywhere. But this kind of garbage reporting from Lemon is just going to make things worse and foment more violence against cops, looting and mayhem – at least for those that listen to him. It’s absolutely irresponsible.


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