WATCH: Driver Plows Through Crowd Of BLM Protesters Blocking Road In California

Protests, AKA “riots”, have spread from Minneapolis across the country, turning violent. Drivers in Bakersfield, California weren’t having any of it when said protesters tried to block streets and surround their vehicles.

A driver on Friday plowed through a crowd of BLM protesters blocking a road in Bakersfield.

Black Lives Matter protesters were blocking a street in Bakersfield when a driver decided to just plow ahead and not risk getting pulled out of his car by a bunch of savages.

The driver honked the horn as he sped through the crowd of protesters.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


There were multiple reports of kidnappings and random cars being shot at in Minneapolis this week.

Innocent people driving their cars are being targeted by the violent rioters.

Anyone who drives through a crowd of angry rioters risks ending up like Reginald Denny who was pulled out of his semi-truck and nearly beaten to death during the LA riots in 1992.

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