Liberal Moron, Alyssa Milano, Makes ‘Hip Cool Mask’…Twitter Then Sets Her ABLAZE!

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Poor little Alyssa Milano really really tried to encourage people to wear masks today but apparently no one in her personal life is courageous enough to tell her when she looks really really stupid. Check it out:

Ohhhh boy. There is a raging debate about just how effective cloth masks are to keep the definitely-not-Chinese-Wuhan-Chinese-virus from ravaging your internal organs, but I’m pretty sure that everyone understands that knit masks are mostly useless.

Unfortunately for Alyssa, no one close to her cares enough to clue her in when she looks dumb. But Twitter, on the other hand…

Milano later claimed that there was a carbon filter in the mask, we just couldn’t see it, and also, we saw right through it, so it was basically invisible.

I’m not even a mask truther, and I think this is stupid.

Then there’s the white knight liberal backlash to the backlash:

Sheesh Twitter is actually becoming a worse sewer of partisan gotchas.


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