The Left-Wing Media Is Now Actively Trying To Trash Tara Reade’s Reputation, Something They NEVER Did With Christine Blasey Ford

The left-wing media went from “believe all women” and “sympathy for accusers” to straight-up trashing the character and reputation of a woman for speaking out against one of theirs.

Joe Biden said this week that anybody who believes the Tara Reade allegations shouldn’t vote for him, and judging from a new Politico story that’s been shared by CNN’s Chris Cillizza, Biden won’t have to worry about losing support from many in the national media:

It’s safe to say the “believe all women” movement as part of the #MeToo era has been officially suspended.

Gee, what changed?


One of those stories is not like the other.

2020 has brought with it some major #MeToo rule changes.

What do you think?

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