Leftist ‘Academic’ And ‘Expert’, Tom Nichols, WANTS Americans To DIE —Says Anyone Who Disobeys Lockdowns Should Be Denied Medical Care

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The Left has completely abandoned their charade that they “care” about America and Americans. It’s become very clear after hearing them speak about their hate for their fellow citizens.

Tom Nichols, a so called “academic” let the world know how me he despises average Americans that he suggested anyone who wants to leave their house to go back to work during the pandemic should be permanently banned from hospitals and medical care.

Does he think it’s funny that tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs and are terrified that if they don’t get back to ‘living’ soon there will be nothing to go back to? We suppose he’s still getting some sort of paycheck sitting around posting this garbage on Twitter so what does he care?

Yes, that’s an “interesting” idea.

Because that totally SCREAMS conserving conservatism, Tom.

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