WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany HUMILIATES The Media And Certifies She’s A Badass!

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I loved how Kayleigh McEnany ended her White House press briefing today, taking a question attacking her for comments she made earlier this year on the coronavirus and turning it back around on the media:

McEnany was asked by a reporter if she would like to take back a quote she made on Fox business after Trump instituted the travel ban, where she said “President Trump will not allow the coronavirus to come to this country.” McEnany was working for the campaign at that point.

McEnany responded that her comments were noting the intent behind the travel restrictions, which was that “we will not see the coronavirus come here…”

She then responded with a litany of quotes from media organizations like the Washington Post, New York Times, Vox, and others, asking if they’d like to take back their quotes where they panned the coronavirus as something that people should worry about less than the flu, etc. It was actually pretty badass. But what made it even more spectacular was that she ended the briefing after throwing those quotes back in the media’s faces and left.

Watch the clip above for more…


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