CNN Tries To Claim ‘Tens of Thousands’ Will Die If Trump Reopens The Economy, But They Get CALLED OUT Instead

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CNN and the fake news media are still doing everything they can to blame President Trump for every single death or ever possible death from the China virus.

Yeah yeah yeah … CNN is gonna CNN. But still.

This is a hot mess of awful and stupid, even for them.

From CNN:

Depressing new death toll projections and infection data on Monday dashed the optimism stirred by more than half the country taking various steps to reopen an economy that is vital to Trump’s reelection hopes and has shed more than 30 million jobs. Stay-at-home orders slowed the virus and flattened the curve in hotspots like New York and California, but they have so far failed to halt its broader advance, leaving the nation stuck on a grim plateau of about 30,000 new cases a day for nearly a month.

They leave out these new projections are from the same crap IHME model that already got everything wrong.

Despite those projections, two administration officials told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins the latest numbers are not currently expected to affect the White House’s plans for reopening the country.

Damn right.

New evidence of the likely terrible future toll of Covid-19 came on a day when Trump stayed out of sight — his wild briefings that hurt his political prospects now paused — meaning he could not be questioned on his enthusiasm for state openings in the light of new evidence.

Ugh, they just SUCK.

What Jesse said, although please don’t tell him we gave him credit for saying something worthwhile. We’ll NEVER hear the end the of it.


CNN says so.

*eye roll*

Shhhh … they’re busy trying to shut us down to totally collapse the economy and country so Trump loses in November.

But the REAL fear from CNN?

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