Liberal Media Idiot Can’t Do Basic Math, So He Spreads INSANE False COVID Stat And REFUSES To Admit Error

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People in New York are so desperate to prove that everyone else is as stupid as they are that they’re lying about the numbers of coronavirus cases everywhere else. Case in point, there’s Kurt Anderson, an editor of New York Magazine.

Fulton County (Atlanta) had 1,232 new confirmed covid-19 cases yesterday, the second most ever. That’s a per capita rate 5 times New York City’s.

— Kurt Andersen (@KBAndersen) May 3, 2020

Wow. Sounds bad, huh? Except it’s INSANELY wrong. Another math-allergic idiot passing along false information. Now IF there had been 1,232 new cases in one county, it would be crazy for so many people to be out. But that’s not what happened.

And this misinformation has been out there for more than 17 hours and the dumbass refuses to correct it. Incredible.

Now look, I don’t want anyone to use this in order to justify people ignoring the lockdown recommendations. I still think it’s a much better policy to wear masks outside and stay 6 feet away from one another. But that doesn’t mean people should just LIE about what is happening.

And it’s pretty obvious what is happening here – New York City has a HORRIBLE contagion of the virus. Much of it is due to people being squeezed into a high density area. But because much of the media is out of New York City, they’re using their platform in order to shame people in the South and other areas as if they had just as bad a problem as NYC. They don’t. Now go wash your hands.


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