BOMBSHELL: Kim Jong-Un’s Condition Still In Question As Strong Evidence Of Body Double Surfaces!

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Last week reports were running rampant that Kim Jong-un was dead. Hong Kong’s largest media service reported it, media outlets in South Korea reported it, USA intelligence leaks claimed the infamous North Korean dictator was dead as well.

Other reports said he was in a vegetative state, being kept alive by machines. Reports claimed it was a heart surgery gone completely wrong.

There were even reports that US intelligence was focusing on Jong-un’s sister, as she was poised to take over the country.

Now, after all that hub-bub, suddenly Kim Jong-un is back at it – working hard, traveling around, and smiling for the cameras.


How could the world have gotten it all so wrong?

Well, the news out of North Korea is dicey, after all it’s a communist-controlled regime and the news (much like ours) is all propaganda, so that’s one main reason.

However, a well-respected Chinese blogger by the name of Jennifer Zeng is suggesting that it may not be “Kim Jong-un” that we’re seeing out there.

Apparently, it’s not out of the ordinary to suspect a “body double” when it comes to evil dictators.

Seems far-fetched to me.

Zeng casts a shadow of doubt on the recent photos and videos of Jong-un, by pointing out differences in ears, teeth, hair, and sister.

See her tweets below:

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