Flynn Was Clearly Set Up, But Sen. Grassley Discovers SNEAKY Code That Makes Mueller Complicit!

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The Flynn records which were unsealed by the DOJ on Wednesday night sent shockwaves throughout Washington. The documents prove that Gen. Michael Flynn was “set up” by top FBI officials for purely political reasons.

A closer look at the pages contained in the document reveals another disturbing issue. While reviewing the “new” DOJ/Flynn documents, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) noticed that each page was stamped by the SCO and had its own identification number, as our Jennifer Van Laar covered Thursday. It appears as if they were part of the Special Counsel Office’s private collection of documents.

He quickly fired off the following tweet.

During his podcast on Thursday, Dan Bongino discussed a similar reference to the SCO in the footnote on the first page of the documents. The footnote reads: “Note that the enclosed spreadsheet (DOJSCO-700023473 – DOJSCO700023475), which contains messages between and among various Bureau personnel, is an index and another detailed version of these messages is forthcoming.”


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