Liberal Feminists Suddenly OK With N. Korean Dictatorship As Long As It Has A Female Leader

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SO here’s what happened. There’s a lot of rumors that Kim Jong Un is dead. It’s not confirmed, it may be true, it may not be true. But some think that IF he’s dead, the next in line might be his sister. Who, by most accounts, is just as sadistic and evil as he is, and may be even worse! But that doesn’t matter to the vaginal supremacists who think a human being’s X-Y chromosomal count is the only thing that matters:

I mean, they really think this is a “burn” on America. Imagine how much you have to hate the U.S. in order to praise a sadistic dictator. Oh wait, we call them liberals.

Erick Erickson had a pretty good summation of how stupid this all is:

Now look, let’s be fair and say this is Twitter, it is designed for stupid hot takes that the tweeter doesn’t actually 100% believe. BUT, I am absolutely sure that many of them DO believe this crap and it’s borne out of a pure hatred for the U.S.

Here’s more about the dictator sis:

Yeah I am not hopeful for the future of North Korea.


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