Mike Pence Drops HUGE BOMBSHELL: ‘I Think By Memorial Day Weekend’ Corona Will Be Behind Us!

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Vice President Mike Pence took a break from organizing the upright citizens’ FEMA re-education camps in order to make a prediction about when the entire coronavirus pandemic is gonna be over with. And it’s pretty soon:

In a clip from the interview made available by WTAM-AM, [Geraldo] Rivera asked Pence, “Do you think I’ll be on my boat and fishing in early June, Mr. Vice President?”

Pence replied, “I think, honestly, if you look at the trends today, I think by Memorial Day weekend we will largely have this coronavirus epidemic behind us.”

Continuing to share the White House’s optimistic view, the vice president said, “And then state and local officials will begin to reopen activities. You’re going to see states in the days ahead begin to do that.”

Wow. I know that’s not soon enough for some, but that includes a drawdown that is already starting as we speak in certain municipalities and in some states. More from the Blaze:

Pence adds that this depends on Americans sticking to the guidelines set by el Presidente Donald Trumpo and his task force team:

“The key for President Trump — for all of us — is we want to do it in a safe and responsible way,” the vice president said. “We don’t want a resurgence. And we think that the key to that is the phased approach the president outlined to the nation and to the governors last week.”

There you go. I know a lot of people are clamoring for Trump to push the button and open up the economy, but I really think that it all depends on the citizenry and what they demand. They began to stay home and city officials followed and county officials followed, and state officials followed. Even Trump has recognized that he can’t just snap his fingers and force people back to work…


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