Communist China Just Took Over Three Canadian Mask Factories And Sissy Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Won’t Even Criticize Them

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Navdeep Bains, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development was pressed by CBC’s Vassey Kapelos about the recent revelation that one million medical masks that Canada had received from China were deemed defective.

However, instead of answering if even more medical supplies from China were compromised, Trudeau’s corporate welfare czar bragged how his government has inspired a medical mask company to return to Canada through investments — which is just government code for subsidies and handouts.

Communist China took over factories

But there is more to the story than a fat stack of government cash prompting a company to bring their company back to the True North Strong and Free. Bains neglected to identify the real incentivization to bring Quebec-based Medicom’s manufacturing home: The CCP nationalized three of their manufacturing facilities in mainland China last month.

CNN reported:

“Medicom, a Canadian manufacturer, has three factories in China, but the Chinese government has requisitioned all production and nothing is being exported, according to the company’s COO, Guillaume Laverdure. Factories in France and Taiwan are subject to official export bans.”

A Canadian company building products that Canadians need, albeit in China, had three of their factories stolen from them by the CCP, leaving the company scrambling to fill their contracts elsewhere and Bains thinks this is a good news story.

China holding on to supply chain for PPE

Worse yet, just like the Prime Minister, Bains can’t muster even a soft criticism of what China did to Medicom, and to Canadians by proxy — taking first our pandemic supplies, then our pandemic supply chain and putting front line workers at risk.

I hope that UN security council seat is worth it.

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