As Trump Searches All Options To Kill COVID, Democrats Stir Up More Panic And Anti-Trump Rhetoric

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“Orange man bad! Stay indoors, Democrats will take care of you little lamb!”

This may as well become the new motto of the Democratic party. Yesterday, during President Donald Trump’s daily press briefing, the President suggested that White House scientists are testing new, innovative ways to tackle the coronavirus so that American citizens can get back to normal life and avoid panic-stricken lockdowns repeating themselves next year.

The President’s team of scientists are being open minded, searching under every stone in order to find a significant breakthrough to tackle, or even destroy, the threat caused by the novel Wuhan virus.

Per usual, however, Democrats and the liberal media have jumped on the opportunity to use the President’s words against himself and spin the story. Mind you, they did the same when a particular couple swallowed fish tank cleaner shortly after Trump announced that Doctors were testing the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine on patients.

Of course Pelosi is jumping on the Trump-hating bandwagon:

Even the makers of Lysol came out this morning and told people not to inject themselves with their disinfectants, which lead to headlines like this from Axios: “Lysol maker refutes Trump’s suggestion that disinfectants may treat coronavirus”.

Trump wasn’t suggesting people do this nor was he suggesting it would even work. He was ‘thinking outside of the box’, as they like to say in the business world, and asking his scientists to investigate the possibility.

The tweets are many of people mocking Trump for this, mainly because they love to hate on Trump. But in retrospect, it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to say in the briefing, because clearly people can’t handle it.

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