IDIOT Squad Member Wants Trump Charged With War Crimes Over Corona Response Hindered By Their Actions!

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The deranged hatred for Trump and his administration during this pandemic is reaching epic proportions as Squad member Ayanna Pressley accuses Trump of “war crimes”:

In case you don’t want to watch it, here’s what she said:

So far as I’m concerned what’s happening with this administration – it’s akin to war crimes. Criminal negligence, science denials, the sluggish response… And so we find ourselves in the position of playing catch-up in the midst of a pandemic, which is the last place you want to be in the midst of any public health crisis, certainly not a pandemic, is working from behind. And we just have to reject any calls for a return to normal.

Criminal negligence? What law has Trump and his administration broken that could possibly justify the accusation of ‘criminal negligence’?

What Science denials? Trump is surrounded by doctors and scientists on his task force and they have very much taken a scientific approach to fighting this virus. But even moreso, this is a new virus so there isn’t much in the way of ‘science’ in terms of medicines and vaccines.

And with respect to a ‘sluggish response’, that’s just a liberal-revisionist look at recent history, as has been pointed out by several on our side.

Pressley is just making up garbage and flinging it at Trump hoping some of it will stick. It’s absurd and incredibly irresponsible.

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