Small Businesses Face Bankruptcy As Nasty Nancy Pelosi Holds Up Funding To Cram In Voter ID Laws, And She’s STILL Taking A Paycheck

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Nasty Nancy Pelosi is continuing to hold up funding aimed at helping struggling small businesses during the Coronavirus shutdown. All so she can push for a provision that would prohibit states from requiring an ID to vote.

On Thursday the PPP Loan program ran out of money. Already $349 billion was handed out to struggling businesses.

80% of restaurants say they may never reopen and are struggling to pay their bills.

Four out of five restaurants fear they may never reopen!

At least 20,000 business applications went unprocessed on Thursday and Friday.

But so far Nancy Pelosi refuses to act.
All she needs to do is approve more funding for the program.

Nancy Pelosi is still getting a government check during the lockdown as are many government employees.

11 million Americans in the restaurant business are waiting for Pelosi to act as she sits at home with her basket of chocolates!

And today, Democrats said they won’t meet until at LEAST Wednesday.


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