Details Emerge As Republicans CAVE To Pelosi’s Demands So Small Businesses Can Survive

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The House and Senate are finally nearing a deal to fund the Payroll Protection Program after Pelosi and Senate Democrats have held up funding the program for a couple of weeks. Republicans have been forced to cave and, via Chad Pergram, here’s what we know:

Negotiators from the House, Senate and White House are close to finalizing an accord on the “phase 3.5” response to the coronavirus pandemic. The hope is finalize the package later today or perhaps early tomorrow.

Pergram continues to lay out other possible scenarios, but that’s essentially what’s going to happen. Here’s what I want to know. Why is it that Republicans always end up folding? Under Obama, Republicans were told that Democrats controlled the Senate and the White house and that just holding the House wasn’t enough for Republicans to get their way. Now, under Trump, when Republicans control both the Senate and the White House, Nancy Pelosi is still forcing Republicans to cave; and during a pandemic I remind you!

The reason is simple and obvious to most of us – blatant media bias. Pelosi has the media in her back pocket and, as we’ve seen several times here lately, they are refusing to hold Democrats to account and put pressure on them for holding up this funding, as they would Republicans. You know it’s true. Republicans would have been excoriated in the media for doing exactly what Pelosi has done here. But Pelosi’s allowed to continue to hold small businesses hostage until Republicans just give up and give her what she wants. It’s despicable.


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