What’s Worse, the Washington Post’s Fake, Ant-Trump Tweet Or The Idiotic People Who Believed It?

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PT Barnum once said that when it comes to ‘suckers’ one is born every moment. He apparently forgot to inform us that all of them would read the Washington Post

Once upon a time the Washington Post employed real live “investigative journalists” who would actually investigate things. Apparently that model proved to be to costly to time consuming or both, so the Post developed a new model that consisted of anyone labeled a “journalist” actually working for the Post just writing what ever drivel popped into their minds and then the Post allowing the general public to fact check it for them for free.

Sadly, even if the Post prints a correction the original story in all of it’s dishonesty receives far more traction as the suckers errr Post’s readers desperately want to believe anything that paints the Trump White House or better yet Trump himself in a bad light.

Case in point, “” is a Conservative website that dedicates itself to monitoring social media looking for wrongdoing and blatant dishonestly on the part of the left. This keeps pretty busy and a lot of their time and effort is spent highlighting stories from the “Washington Post” who are guilty of tweeting out things like the following nonsense

The tweet drew the usual reaction from the usual suspects

These suspects ranged from Kyle Griffin of MSNBC who is not the sharpest knife in anyone’s drawer

To fact challenged and always ready to fall for a “Orange Man Bad” story Alyssa Milano

Here’s the rub however, the article in question that was written by Jenna Johnson of the Post actually went on to explain that in fact no delay would occur. It was only necessary to read beyond the click bait tweet that Johnson had originally posted (which contained a link to the article in question). Sadly for Trump haters the updated version of the article issued a “correction” (NOTE: The word “correction” is normally liberal code for “we lied our asses off) that was embedded far inside the actual article

The correction refutes the stories original contention that the checks were being delayed by including the following information from the Department of the Treasury

A Treasury Department spokeswoman, however, denied any delay and said the plan all along was to issue the checks next week.

Adding that

“Economic Impact Payment checks are scheduled to go out on time and exactly as planned — there is absolutely no delay whatsoever,” the spokeswoman said in a written statement. She said this was a faster process than the stimulus checks the George W. Bush administration issued in 2008 to head off a looming recession.

But not to be left out of the feeding frenzy, liberal politicians like Michigan’s smarmy Senator Gary Peters (no stranger to half truths as evidenced by his reelection campaign) tried to pile on, only to be caught by Matt Whitlock a Senior Advisor to the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) who fact checked the very factually challenged Peters right out of his tweet

Great, the story fact checked itself so problem solved, right? Not necessarily, as Whitlock made clear in his tweet above, the fact that the checks were going to be issued on time was buried twelve pages into the story, and apparently A LOT of liberals couldn’t be bothered to read that far David Jolly wanted the shame police let loose on GOP Senators

Jolly is a former Republican, a current buffoon and a “Never Trumper” who enjoys telling everyone how much he dislikes the President, not exactly an original act (see Joe Scarborough, Evan McMullin, Billy Crystal, etc) but the left loves to love themselves some Trump haters.

Far after it was pointed out that the checks were not in fact under any type of delay, Nancy “Send ’em to Chinatown” Pelosi managed to take some time away from yet another House recess (or vacation, or long weekend or whatever they call it nowadays) to tweet out the following utter nonsense

Of course if anyone knows anything about “catastrophic failure” it’s Nancy Pelosi, just ask the thousands of small business owners who may never again open the doors to their businesses thanks to the House “Leaders” insistence to block small business relief efforts until the bill can be suitably stuffed with pork.

Sadly the above comments about Pelosi doesn’t represent political hyperbole, just plain hard (and disgusting) facts of course those are something that Liberal Media types and Progressive Liberal politicians seem to abhor.

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